Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable

#61 Ferrum Academy #12 What are all the different types of NFTs? Plus crypto news and trends!

June 04, 2022 Ferrum Network Episode 61
Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable
#61 Ferrum Academy #12 What are all the different types of NFTs? Plus crypto news and trends!
Show Notes

Join Ferrum's Ryan Sweet and Joe Robinson as they explore all the different types of NFTs there are in the market, decentralization maximalism, recent news regarding scalability of the Solana network and a recent new trend of free minting happening in the NFT space. Tune in to learn all about NFTs with the Ferrum team. 

Ferrum Academy is our new initiative to bring value and expertise to the crypto space. We aim to provide you with digestible content explaining in-depth crypto concepts.

00:00 Introduction
01:40 Different types of NFTs
02:35 What type of NFT is Ryan most excited about? 
04:00 Video Game Industry and NFTs
08:00 Technical types of NFTs
08:40 Recent News Solana Outage Infura node RPC outage
09:38 Decentralization Maximalism
12:15 Recent trend- Free Mints, Goblin Town
14:56 Different types of NFTs Joe BREAKDOWN 
17:40 Fashion NFTs a thing?
19:00 IRL NFTs Get Kicks Shoutout
19:34 Yakdao IRL NFTs
21:24 NFT real estate IRL
22:46 Conclusion

Article link: Different types of NFTs, crypto 101

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