Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable

#79 Crypto Summer NFT Panel | Trends, Challenges and Securities | Jeff of Megafans and Woody of Yak Dao

August 01, 2022 Ferrum Network Episode 79
Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable
#79 Crypto Summer NFT Panel | Trends, Challenges and Securities | Jeff of Megafans and Woody of Yak Dao
Show Notes

This kickoff panel discusses current trends in the NFT space, as well as details on MegaFan and Yak Dao NFT collections. Jeffrey Donnelley CEO of Megafans shares how they are the Mobile Esports Platform Bridging Web2 and Web3 to deliver esports for all. Woody CEO of YakDao discusses Yak's new property recently purchased and how they are shaping the future of recreational property ownership conservation, and management.

Also discussed: Are NFTs securities? Woody and Jeff discuss regulations, lack of guidance from the SEC, and the importance of utility in NFTs.  Check out chapters. Details on how to enter are below as are Ferrum's socials, Yak Dao socials and MegaFans socials. 

00:00 Intro 
00:50 Kickoff intro Woody Yak Dao
03:13 Jeff CEO Founder MegaFans intro
07:10 Upcoming trends, Woody talks Utility
08:30 Jeff talk NFT utility and memberships
11:57 Inspiration, reason behind NFT collection for Megafans
13:27 Yak Dao reason for doing NFT collection
16:28 Why utility matters with Woody
17:30 Jeff on why utility matters
19:30 Where name MegaFans came from
20:14 Jeff breaks down mobile gaming stats
21:20 Yak Dao NFT collection details
25:00 Jeff shares some details around Megafans NFT collection
28:40 US Gov looking to clarify if NFT are securities? Jeff shares experience
33:15 Woody shares his perspective on what is a security
35:55 Challenges in building NFT collection or business (yakdao)
38:00 MegaFans history and challenges
42:00 Best way to get in touch Yak Dao
43:10 MegaFans socials
44:30 Yak Dao Final Thoughts, check out latest property
45:15 MegaFans final thoughts
46:30 Play MegaFans today, the latest

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