Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable

#110 Whitepaper Sessions: Ferrum Network's Core Tech

April 11, 2023 Ferrum Network Episode 110
Crypto at the Ferrum Roundtable
#110 Whitepaper Sessions: Ferrum Network's Core Tech
Show Notes

Join Taha Abbasi and Naiem Yeganeh in a new episode of Whitepaper Sessions as they discuss the core technology behind Ferrum Network! Get insights into why Rust and Substrate framework were chosen for the network's development and the revolutionary VCPR (Value-Constrained PoS Rollup) technology.

00:00 Intro
00:45 - Why we chose RUST?
05:00 - What is VCPR (Value-Constrained PoS Rollup)?
09:10 - Security at Ferrum Network
13:10 - Why are we joining Polkadot’s Bet Against Blockchain Maximalism?
17:07 - How to participate?

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Ferrum Network is a pioneer in ushering in the era of Interoperability 2.0. Powered by the Quantum Portal, Ferrum Network’s mainnet nodes and related infrastructure will bring value, data, and functional interoperability to every chain in the industry. Utilizing the Ferrum Network, anyone can build and deploy solutions on one network and instantly enable multi-chain functionality without the burden or technical debt that comes with managing a multi-chain infrastructure for their dApps, and projects.

Ferrum also specializes in multi-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi solutions provider, adding deflationary mechanisms, token utility, and Web3 technology products to projects across the crypto space.

With the mission of breaking down barriers to mass adoption, Ferrum empowers the industry by reducing friction and bringing together startups and established networks.

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